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 Centering Hypnosis & Guided Meditation

Set 1: Hypnosis & Guided Meditation for Self-Healing and Recovery

Self Healing_Recovery_Set

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This set includes three separate hypnosis audios:

  • Energetic Healing
  • Heal and Balance, Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Recovering Your Inner Child

Set 2: Hypnosis to Reach Recovery and Overcome Addictions 

  • End addictive & dysfunctional relationships
  • Learn simple, effective self-healing techniques that can take you to a life beyond emotional and substance addictions
  • Download this set and listen to it whenever and wherever you need it on your computer or laptop, as you drive, and via you MP3 player or iPod

Give Yourself the Gift of Freedom from Addictions - RIGHT NOW!

Are you already in recovery but not yet completely free of the burden of an addiction (or multiple addictions) GET HELP TO STAY IN RECOVERY AND TO FINALLY MEND FROM ALL SORTS OF ADDICTIONS with this special set of hypnosis exercises and audios from Marjorie Baker Price, RN.

Marjorie Baker Price's unique and time-tested hypnosis and guided meditation audios have helped thousands of people resolve both relationship/social addictions and substance addictions. The key to recovery is the realization that addictions of all types always stems from the same physical, spiritual, and social troubles!

With Freedom from Drugs and Alcohol and Freeing Yourself from An Addictive Relationship you CAN get the help you need.  NO LECTURES. NO PSYCHOLOGY.  NO HYPE.  Open the doorway to a new life.  Marjorie Baker Price is your guide on the journey to freedom from substance abuse as well as relationship abuse and addiction.