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Acknowledgment is Completion

Less Polite, Much Faster Times

We don’t speak much, in the twenty-first century, about acknowledgment.  These are less polite, much faster times, and a lot has gone out the window that, in earlier times, covered what we would call healthy interpersonal communications.  Therapeutic lingo describes “boundaries”, assertiveness”, “self-esteem”, but doesn’t directly address acknowledgment.  It has become a surprising gift when it occurs, and somehow we are conditioned to respond by discounting it through a kind of reverse explanation like “oh no”, or “no problem”.

Receiving on Both Ends Minus Guarantees

A client spoke to me earlier this week about her lack of day-to-day spirit, adding it was “tough for me to receive”.  Based on our core physiological functioning, through our rhythmical breath, we must receive - and release - in order to survive.  These two experiences must occur in relative balance to keep us in a state of ease rather than dis-ease.

Acknowledgment requires receiving on both ends, meaning one needs to listen unconditionally and attentively and openly enough to be able to come to an inherent place of acknowledgment.  This requires, of course, giving up agendas, as well as expectations – not to mention guarantees. 

Commitment, Promise, Honesty, Caring

Of course, there aren’t any.  There is commitment and promise, and heartfelt honesty and mutual caring – all of which produce acknowledgment.

We may not have the popular conditioned vocabulary to acknowledge acknowledgment, whether it is offered by another or missing in communications, but we know, at deeper levels, when we offer and receive it, and when we don’t.  It supports and completes completion, which in turn lets us continue to be present.

Commit to Acknowledge for Success

Stock-taking is meant to include acknowledgment, speaking of the precursor to creating your dreams. So consider taking inviolate time to journal and acknowledge:

1. Yourself and all you’ve chosen, including how you’ve responded through all the episodes of your life.

2. Ditto re: significant others in your life.

3. Ditto re: the environment – the world – you live in.

4. And last – most importantly – your authentic spirit and unique experience of the divine.

Acknowledgment is Completion, is Release

Because we don’t rush to acknowledge ourselves or each other, our spirit correspondingly separates from us, and we feel lost and afraid. Grief ensues as a deeper level signal to acknowledge, because the final stage of grief, acceptance, offers letting go, letting be and forgiveness, which in turn emerges through the ultimate process of being able to listen and come to more greatly understand.

In this time of seeking to receive light, ask for acknowledgment, and give freely from an open heart what it is you ask for. Then the circle is complete.

A Guided Meditation to Commit to Receive

Settle back, close your eyes and take five, full, deep, easy breaths.  Now
continue to breathe deeply and easily. 

For these next several breaths, each and every time you exhale, complete to yourself the following sentence:  I let go of __________________________________.  Then imagine, as you next inhale deeply and fully, taking in unending bright light that fills you up so that you feel yourself floating. 

Imagine, as well, how you can ask that unending energy source to reveal to you what it is.  Simply receive and wholeheartedly accept its response.  Then say to yourself:  I wholeheartedly receive______________.

Open your eyes, and commit to making one choice today that you feel draws to
you this choice you make to receive (and open yourself for many related
wonderful gifts in many areas of your life!).