You Can Create Your Own Declaration of Independence
Opening Your Heart

The Power to Attract Love

What Do You Love in Your Life?

What do you love in your life?  What do you love to do? 

What do you wish in your heart of hearts you could do? Who do you wish in your heart of hearts you could love?

Sometimes We Do Not Know

Sometimes we do not know who or what we love until we are threatened that it might be taken away from us.  Sometimes we know who or what we love but we are not free to love it.

We exist in a culture that believes in limits – separation.  These belief systems easily fuel power struggles, which lead to violence.  In addition, resultant fear of separation leads to placing a condition, or expectation, on loving.

Love Exists in a Place of Detachment

Love exists in a place, interestingly enough, of detachment.  Love attracts love, and demands an empty center so it can fill it.

The Center that Opens Easily and Completely to Receive Love

Imagine you carry this sacred center, that opens easily and completely to receive love.  The deeper and fuller and more evenly you breathe, letting go and letting be, the more you allow yourself to fill up with the mysterious power of loving nonattachment. 

It is this matrix in which creativity exists.  Creativity fuels passion, which builds love.

We Are Unable to Love What We Can’t Respect

We are unable to love what we can’t respect.  Take stock, then, of who and what you respect in your life; and what you wish to create from a place of respect as an opportunity to honor what is sacred to you. 

Consider where your passion lies, what seems to build and soothe your energy, and most importantly, where you sense you and your creation fit.

The Points That Attract Love

All of these points of consideration attract love.  What draws love to you is the power of your own unique spirit.

Love is courageous.  Where your courage is lacking, you are not free to love.  Consider in this moment what would feel, in your heart of hearts, to be your most courageous choice of loving. 

Determine One Way You Could Demonstrate Making That Choice

Do it.   

Love will find you if you give it half a chance.  It will find you if you have room to receive it, which is provided through nonattachment, and the desire to create and receive. 

Love is About Sharing Beauty

Most importantly, love is about sharing beauty.  It reminds us that real beauty comes from a connected, free spirit that exists in joy and radiance.

Finally, love is about the willingness to experiment.  It is about loving yourself, and choosing what will enhance how you respect yourself.

Determine How Completely You Trust Yourself

When we laugh, we love.  Determine how completely you trust yourself to laugh – how completely your trust yourself, period.

Decide how seriously and not so seriously to take yourself.  Much of what moves us to seek love is about looking to correct imbalance in our lives.  But how can we accomplish that if we have not yet experienced that balance?

Love and the Power to Attract Love

I invite you to go outside and consider the balance that exists in nature – the beauty, the power, the successful interdependence. There you will learn about love and the power to attract love.

Find a clear pool and gaze at your own shimmering reflection.  As you think about what you are reflecting, also think about your power to freely choose whatever you want to reflect.

Like Attracts Like

What you are, what you naturally reflect, becomes your greatest capacity to experience.  Loving, then, becomes your indestructible sacred spiritual identity, and therefore, your ultimate source of creating.