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Reflections on Sept. 11-Yes, the world has changed


From Marjorie

I received overwhelming intuitive messages about the events of September 11th without receiving any of the details; just the horrific feelings as tidal waves of destructive energy. The sense of foreboding had been with me since the beginning of the summer, and in a terrifically stepped-up way since the middle of August. This is why I couldn’t bring myself to do a newsletter until now. For in the immediate aftermath, I was moved to just receive, on so many levels, and then to cope with what I received, struggling for re-balancing.

In response, I transmit to the world that which is my relationship to it and my sense of spiritually-driven presence. I move through a deep hole of loss, sadness and fear. I also find resolve, vast compassion, and a sense of understanding beyond knowing.

From the middle of August on I wanted to stop time in the face of my overwhelming sense that in early September there would be a terrible national tragedy which brought me a terrible sense of doom. Time is different now because space is different, because relationship is different, because outcome is different not just a little different, the way a stone imperceptibly changes when water continues to drop on it and wear it down, but hugely different, the way one epoch in Earth’s history is different from the next.

A new balance driven by pervasive terror and moments of tragedy that resulted in over six thousand dead, looms over and against a huge outpouring of worldwide compassion, generosity, deep caring, empathy, tremendous support, and personal leadership.

Last weekend I went on a long planned day trip to Canada with two friends to see a play at Niagara-on-the-Lake. I was anxious about crossing the border. I brought my passport and allowed for plenty of time. The border guards looked stern, suspicious. They asked good, pointed questions, but never asked for a passport or any other form of identification. It was the shortest border-crossing time I’ve ever experienced. Did they like my face?

I wish they had asked for my passport. What happened to all the announcements about increased border security? That was the upsetting part of the balance of that day, although I appreciated the smooth border crossing.

The gift of that day knocked me over like a wave of surprising light,and moved me to tears. It came after I crossed the border into Canada. There was suddenly such a sense of peace, safety, wellbeing, comfort like entering an oasis of nurturing energy. I crossed the border a lot this summer, and I hadn't had that sensation before. This was new. It told me something was gone for now in my country. Gone through great gaping wound, harsh and terrible, that we were struggling with.

I drank up the energy in Niagara-on-the-Lake the rest of that day and evening, and cried for what had happened, and thanked Spirit for the love and healing that was made so easily available. When I returned across the border, I felt the harshness and the tears (which can be understood both ways) return. It was interesting that my friends had the same immediate sensations that I had.

What are we capable of? Now we have met our shadow and our light, and must embrace all that they bring and offer us for terrible and glorious healing and teaching, clearer perception, and evolutionary choice-making.

What can we do? Listen and stop to listen and be with ourselves and our loved ones. Go for simple, loving connections. Give as many ways as we can. Find a deep space of quiet, and pray as our heart moves us. Let the answers unfold. Trust in higher power. Know we can choose to act from a heartfelt sense of strength and intuitive purpose.

Yes, we are all in this together. Yes, every given moment is an opportunity to love and serve. Yes, we cannot run from our feelings without trailing them into confusion and all that it brings. Yes, we are each responsible for our own personal spiritual integration and choice-making and consequences. Yes, we are completely responsible for our own spiritual evolution. There is no other way evolution occurs.

This is a unique time in global history. We have apparently incarnated wanting to amazingly participate in fully integrating our spirits, understanding we have the wherewithal to accomplish this, and accept the responsibility to link together and share in this guided revolution. Nothing is more important than this. I believe that, to date, in our earths history we have operated from a different choice ã a choice in which we concluded that in order to survive, we must keep ourselves separate from our spirit.

Now we see that in order to survive we must find and surrender to our spirit as our beloved, and let it open our consciousness in true partnership.

Exploring this new life together is our next experiment in this new millennium. The best question I can think of to ask myself now is, What would my spirit choose?–understanding that the answers are unfolding, highly integrated experiments which seek to evolve, integrate and serve me and all with whom I have the honor to connect.

We ARE the great mystery. Can we act accordingly, trusting in our heart and soul’s direction, sensing its spark in the great creative fire that is the All That Is? It is an amazing time and an amazing challenge. I send and receive light, hope, strength, caring, trust, and the willingness to see, and listen.



(edit: This is from the Nov. 2001 Centering Tools Newsletter)